High Definition Brows

At Brow&LashCo we understand that all eyebrows are different and each treatment should be enhanced to suit an individual. Our tailored procedure transforms even sparse or over plucked brows into perfect arches. Stylists will go through our brow product range recommending the best products to help you achieve the look you want; from hiding sparse areas, extending brows, defining the arch and overall achieving a fuller look.

Taking between 30 to 45 minutes the brow sculpting experience includes; tinting, waxing, threading & tweezing with stylists using a specifically designed procedure to give you the appearance of natural, thick and defined brows.


Brow Shape // Maintain

Taking between 20 to 30 minutes the brow shaping experience includes; tinting, waxing or threading, with stylists maintaining your existing shape and keeping your brows looking effortlessly flawless!

Before your brow appointment

Please inform your eyebrow therapist if you are currently taking any skin medications along with using any Vitamin A or Retin based skin care. If you are using any Retin based or Vitamin A skin care please cease using it 5 days prior to your treatment as it can cause your skin to be super sensitive.



Enjoy the convenience

Want and instant eye-lift, lush lashes and to say goodbye to mascara forever! One of our lash specialists can help you achieve your desired eyelashes through the application of a variety of lash extensions perfectly customised to your desired look – whether you want natural & full or dramatic we can help you. Rest assured we have over 7 years experience in the application of semi-permanent lash extensions, use the highest quality lashes in only silk or mink and an advanced single strand application technique.



Sunkissed and Sexy

We believe that getting a customised tan is most important, after all we’re all unique! That’s why we stock only the highest quality brands in a range of colours to suit everybody’s needs. We accompany quality products with our extremely experienced spray-tanning specialists to give you a streak-free, even and natural looking tan to your desired colour.


Tuscan Tan|  Mine Tan|

Spray Tanning Is The Easy And Healthy Way To A Glowing Body.

At Brow&LashCo, we have thought of all the finer details to ensure your tanning experience is perfect. We apply the highest quality tanning solutions in a private booth via a superior spray tan applicator. Our professional and experienced staff will tailor your spray tan to your individual needs ensuring you have a flawless result every time.

Single Tan 3 Tans 5 Tans 10 Tans 20 Tans
$38 one off $99 $33 each $150 $30 each $270 $27 each $500 $25 each


Full Silk $165
Half Silk $110
Hybrid $195
Half Hybrid $125
Russian Volume $250
Half Russian Volume $160
Mega Volume $370
Bottom Lashes $50
Silk Refills
1 week $ 45
2 week $ 65
3 week $95
4 week $125
Hybrid Refills
1 week $ 55
2 week $ 75
3 week $105
4 week $135
Russian Volume 3-6D Refils
1 week $60
2 week $80
3 week $120
4 week $160
Mega Volume Refils
2-3 week $160
4 week $180
5 week $200
Lash Removal
Lash Removal $55
Lash Lift
Lash lift $75
Lash lift + Tint (includes Keratin Treatment) $95
3 x Lash lift + Tint Pack $240
5 x Lash lift + Tint Pack $400
Brow $ 20
Lash $ 25
Brow + Lash $ 42
HD Brows $ 65
Brow Shape + Tint $ 45
Henna Brows
Henna Brows (first appointment only) $ 75
Henna Brows $ 65
Henna Brow Tint $ 35
Brow $ 26
Lip $ 15
Full Face excluding brow $ 50
Brow $ 30
Lip $ 15
Full Face excluding brow $ 40
Sides $ 15
Chin $ 15
Tan Packages
1 Tan $ 38
3 Tans $ 99
5 Tans $ 150
10 Tans $ 270
20 Tans $ 500