Tattoo Brows


Cosmetic Tattoo Brows



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CONSULTATION $50 (non-refundable)

Includes the following:
- High Definition Brow Reshape, waxing, tinting, trimming, tweezing and sculpting with HD Brow products. 

Creating a client profile to include: 
- Customised 'Shape and Colour’ 
- Choice of treatment and advise on each (Micro-blading, Block Brow or Ombre)
- Contraindications check
- Patch test of numbing cream and pigment
- Professional advice on treatment and ability to answer any questions or concerns. 




TREATMENT $950 (Includes touch up after 6 weeks)



Micro BlAding

Feather (Hair) Stroke Brows - involve micro-blading tiny lines/strokes in a design that gives the appearance of hair. Hair-strokes alone, do require more touch ups than other methods, however it is the most natural look for cosmetic tattooing.


Block brow



Powder (Block) Brows – Gives a more defined, solid appearance, and is usually a longer-lasting option.





Ombre Brows – are powder (block) at the tails of the brow fading into micro strokes at the front, a trend that is very popular at the moment for those who fill in their brows quite heavy but still want that natural appearance in the middle, this option also lasts longer in the skin.

Treatments include a take home 'After Care Package’ 
(option to pay upfront for the ‘Touch up' at a discounted price) 

Touch Up: 6-8 weeks post initial treatment
(included in initial price)
- Make colour darker
- Add more length
- Increase volume / Thickness
- Define shape more
- Reshape
- Option to do Ombre over the ends to give a more defined point (extra $50)

Day 1-2

Do not get wet.
Apply Barrier cream 2-3 times a day and apply all over before getting in the shower

3-7: Wash 
Gently wash your eyebrows each morning and night with water and an antibacterial soap (eg. Cetaphil).  With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows and rinse with water. To dry, gently pat with a clean towel.  DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliants. 

 7 days onwards
Make sure to keep the skin clean and let it naturally exfoliate and scab, do not pick.
Can moisturise with a normal moisturiser but no glycolics or AHA’s
Avoid sweaty exercise
Wear a hat and SPF outdoors to maintain colour
Avoid saunas and long steamy showers



Cancellation Policy: 
$50 deposit is required for the consultation and $100 deposit for tattoo appointment.
- Deposit for appointment and consultation must be taken prior to appointment. 
- 48 Hour cancellation policy - Must cancel outside of the 48 hours for deposit to be refunded.

Patch Test:
Must come in for patch a test 1 week before appointment OR sign waiver stating you chose not to.

Appointment Time:
- Consultation and patch test 30 mins
- Treatment time 2.5 hours

Before and After photos: 
- There is a consent form to say that we can use your photos for social media/ or not. 

How long until the pigment fades: 
- Roughly 18 months depending on skin type for micro-blading, longer for Ombre and block brow.

Touch up: 
- 6-8 weeks is your touch up
- No touch ups can be performed until the skin has finished healing

- Eyebrows should be tattooed at least 2-3 weeks PRIOR to any BIG event.

- Your eyebrow tattoo service is an investment! Follow the aftercare very strictly and be patient for best results.  
- Colour will be quite dark for first 4 days, then fade quite dramatically, and appear darker again. 
- Swelling and redness will subside over 24 hours

- Single sealed needles are used then disposed of afterwards



Drink alcohol 48 hours before tattoing
Take ibuprofen 48 hours before
No brow wax or plucking 48 hours before
No facial peels or harsh exfoliates 48 hours before
Can be on any acne medication like Roaccutaine
No vitamin A for 2 weeks around brow skin
No blood thinning medication
No Botox 3 weeks prior
No fish oil or vitamin E 3 weeks prior (blood thinners)
Sometimes Oilier skin types don't hold pigment as well as others. You can still have this service, but need to be aware that your skin type may be more stubborn in holding the pigment.
Diabetes sometimes have trouble with healing
No keloid scarring
Can not be allergic to Lignocaine/Tetracaine.- These ingredients are found in the numbing
Please get Doctors approval if you have heart problems Please contact me immediately if you are unwell.
Can not be pregnant or breastfeeding
Previous tattooing - must inform me at the time of booking and send me a current photo of your eyebrows, with details of how many times you've had them tattooed and when the last procedure was. Whether or not I can provide you a treatment will depend on the current state of your cosmetic tattooing.

Stay hydrated before treatment
Can take paracetamol an hour before your treatment
Keep face moisturised
Bring photos of shapes you like
Tint your eyebrows a week before your appointment if needed but no sooner to the appointment date
Leave as much hair in your natural shape as possible, do not remove any hair unless a week before (hair that you do not want in your final shape)